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Zurgane is a Ninja Warlord and one of the Generals of Lothor. His Goal is to Annihilate the Whole Forces just before Destruction of the Heroic Superhero army.


Plans to Enslave CoruscantEdit

Zurgane join up with Xenon Asuka himself, Which they call the Negaforce to Cover the Whole Planet, Across the Galactic Nation. Despite being agreed, Lothor, Rita Repulsa and their army will be Joining forces with Jabba the hutt and began to Wipe out Inhabitants of Tatooine.

Battle of TatooineEdit

Vexor, Ransik, and more approach to Power Rangers marked the Last Stand while Beetleborgs and Masked Rider and other Power Rangers bringing the final stand on Naboo. Zurgane Participating the Battlefield with Lothor, His Goal is to Bring to an End of Superheroic National Brigade, But was Blasted off by Omega Supreme.

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