Zarbon landed on Namek along with his boss Frieza and partner Dodoria, looking for the coveted dragon balls. Freeza wanted the dragon balls to wish for immortality. But Vegeta was on Namek and found a single ball to keep Freeza from getting all seven. Zarbon was dispatched to bring Vegeta back to Freeza alive. Vegeta had already killed Dodoria when Zarbon confronted him. Thinking that Vegeta's power level was the same as the last time he seen him,thought it was going to be easy. Vegeta gave Zarbon a run for his money, but when Vegeta got cocky and talked trash to Zarbon. Zarbon went through a monstrous transformation.  Zarbons Transformation.In his transformed state, Zarbon was stronger, faster and uglier than Vegeta thought possible. Zarbon easily beat Vegeta and took him to his Master Frieza. Vegeta barely alive was put in a medical healing machine so Freeza could deal with Vegeta himself. Vegeta completely healed escaped the medic machine and Feeza's spaceship. Zarbon was ordered to retrieve Vegeta. Unaware that Vegeta's strength and power had doubled after his recovery, Zarbon fought Vegeta again and lost his life. Powers and Abilities Zarbon is the most powerful warrior directly under Freeza besides the Ginyu Force (except Guldo), Abo, and Kado. Zarbon is able to change into a huge reptilian monster form that drastically increases his strength and stamina while not reducing his speed. Techniques Elegant BlasterFlightMonster FormPossibility Cannon

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