The Z-Putties were Lord Zedd's version of Finster's Putty Patrollers. Created from energy directly from Lord Zedd's Z-Staff, the Z-Putties were much more powerful than their predecessors, and the only way to destroy them was by striking the large Z symbol on their chests (their power source). Oddly, the Z-Putties lacked the ability to transform their hands into weapons, as the former Putties had. The Z-Putties often accompanied Goldar or a monster during their attacks on Earth, quite often acting as the main invasion force. Eventually, however, the Rangers became so adept at defeating the Z-Putties they became as useless as the Putty Patrol. When Rito Revolto arrived on the moon with a flock of Tenga Warriors, Zedd stopped creating Z-Putties. When Zedd and Rita later attended Dark Specter's conference on the Cimmerian Planet, they took along some Z-Putties, as well as Tengas. When Zedd and Rita attacked and conquered the Vica Galaxy, a large number of Z-Putties were in their army. All the Z-Putties were turned to sand when hit by Zordon's energy wave.

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