Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions Dark City of Xenon
Astrographical information
Region Core Worlds
Sectors Dark Sector
Systems System of the Evil
Suns n/a
Moons Unicronian Battle Station
Death Star
Physical information
Class Terrestrial
Systems System of the Evil
Terrains Urban Cityscape
Metallic Mountains
Surface Waters Artificial Reservoirs
Atmosphere Breathable
Points of Interest Imperial Palace
Society of Supervillain Fortress
Skynet and Cyberdyne Lair
Separatist Fortress
Societal information
Major Cities Maliferous
Known Species Various Species
Affiliations Dark Universal Empire
Federacy of Machines
Dark Alliance
Dark Sovereignity
Evil Society of Darkness

Xenonaira is a planet located in Core Worlds, and is home to the villainous Imperial faction, the Dark Universal Empire. It is a planet about the same size as the Earth, and is responsible for goals to accomplish tasks, and invasions across the universe. Xenomorpheus Skywalker, the main antagonist of the story resides alongside the villain council members, Megatron, Maleficent, Queen Beryl, Rau Le Creuset, and many villains lived at all times.