Xeno Queen
Xenomorph Queen
Background information
Feature films Alien Vs. Predator Duology
Alien Anthology
Television programs
Video games Aliens: Colonial Marines
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Queen caste
Eye Colors
Hair Colors
Alignment Evil
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Queen of the Xenomorphs
Affiliations Alien Society
Xenomorph Hive
Powers and abilities
Weapons Spear-Tail
Acid Breath

The Xenomorph Queen is one of the Xenomorph castes. They were Queens of the Xenomorph Hive, and Created the whole army.


The Xenomorph Queen were used on the Throne to hatch eggs around the area, As it detects the Marines, Some Facehuggers implanted the human and Chestburster had emerged from the chest and quickly Transformed into Xenomorph Warriors.

Furthermore, all the Queens lived in LV-426 where Zephyr, the Journalist, Pinky Buflooms, and more were stranded there. An Acheron Queen had decided not to kill them. Few drones, and crushers can help the Queen to be protected from the Colonial Marines attack.

A new ultimate lifeform DNA sample of the Xenomorph Queen can attach over Queen Beryl's heart, causing her to transform into the Unstoppable menace. Her powers and strength were invincible whilst the other antagonists can become the Ultimate True Forms of Darkness.

A Xenomorph Queen can be found during the Battle of Acheron, where Ripley and her allies arrive the planet. In rampage, the Queen pursue them reaching the fleet, until Zephyr, Kit Fisto, and Ripley manage to destroy the Monster.

One known Xenomorph Queen had arrived on Hoth Cavern and utilized the ranging forces battled in the cave. The Queen roars as it breaks the chains and her eggsack and targeting the forces around. In the Skirmish on Hoth the Imperials and Aliens bringing to the Xenomorph Queen's Final Stand, But was presumed killed by Alexa Woods, and the Alliance of Universe Members.

Xenomorph Queens will continue to took on the throne and started mainly Xenomorph Forces to defeat the Colonial Marines during the battlefield.

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