Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions Alien Vs. Predator
Physical Information
Full name
Other names Xenomorph Dragon (by Colonial Marines)
Species Super Dragon caste
Eye Colors
Hair Colors
Alignment Evil
Gender Unknown
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Destroyer of the Xenomorph Hive
Affiliations Dark Universal Empire
Xenomorph Hive
Friends Driller
Vermithrax Pejorative
Powers and abilities
Weapons Acid Breath
Destroying Claws

Xenodracus was a Giant Xenomorph Dragon that Destroys the City. It was Ridden by Mistress 9.


Infiltration on ChernobylEdit

Xeno-Dracus, ridden by Mistress 9, attacks Soldiers at Chernobyl and steals the Ark's engine fuel cell from them before heading to the surface where it tears through the building and engages Sora and Zephyr Shields. They manages to Shoot the Claw carrying the part and Mistress 9 briefly emerges from the inside to glare at Them before she and Xeno-Dracus leave without any further battle.

Siege of ChandrilaEdit

At the Skies of Chandrila, Xeno-Dracus calls Vermithrax Pejorative to wipe out the Heroic Battlefleet, and Wreak Havoc. Xeno-Dracus Reached the Rebel Alliance Fleet and to the Surface. Both Vermithrax and Xeno-Dracus had Significantly Strikes the City, and Bail Organa call the Reinforcements to Remove the blazing Chandrilan Headquarters and the City was Restored. With Zephyr and Rebel Troopers Help, Sky Lynx Manages to Bite the Tail of the Xenomorph Dragon and then Flees from Chandrila.

Battle of AcheronEdit

In the Battle of Acheron (LV-426), The Matriarch Accordingly prepare for battle against the Colonial Marines. Battle Droids, Xenomorph Warriors and Others Clash against Rebel Marines and Colonial Marines. Then Lieutenant Ellen Ripley and her Colonial Marines had to Shoot the Matriarch, But was Protected by a Xenomorph Dragon. The Atmosphere Processor about to Explode, All but the Rebel and Colonial Marines has Force To Retreat before their Destruction. In the Galaxy, after the Battle, The USS Sulaco Fires at the Xenomorph Dragon and Almost Wounded. Later, The Matriarch was saved by Mistress 9 and Xeno-Dracus after the Battle.

Final Battle of JapanEdit

In Tokyo, Xeno-Dracus, shows up again with Mistress 9, attacks the Heroic Federation, The Rebel Alliance, Autobot Infantry and others, then retreats inside the building. Later, when Mistress 9 sees Derek in a collapsing building, She sends Xenomorph Dragon to attack US Soldiers, their team, some teenagers. Xeno-Dracus smashes through the building and nearly reaches the team before Zephyr shows up and attacks.

Ultimately, Zephyr Destroyed through that Alien Dragon, Ultimately Cuts off, Breaking the Alien Dragon and Destroyed into acidic Putrefaction, leaving Mistress 9 enraged.

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