Wizardmon is a Digimon from a mysterious part of the DigitalWorld called Witchely. Originally, he appeared to be another of Myotismon's lackies in the search for the Eighth Child, but in actuality, he sought to find the Eighth Child to unite her with her partner, Gatomon. Wizardmon was originally a lonerlooking out for number one, until Gatomon saved him from death and her kindess caused him to open his heart.

Wizardmon aided the DigiDestined in their fight and sacrificed himself to protectKari from Myotismon's attack. His death evoked the Crest of Light, allowingGatomon to Digivolve to her ultimate form to avenge Wizardmon. Apparently,Gatomon and Wizardmon had a romantic relationship.

Wizardmon's data never returned to the DigitalWorld by 02, when the kids came to the television station to remember Wizardmon's sacrifice, his data manifested itself as a hologram. He gave them a cryptic warning, relating to the final battle with the Digimon Emperor...

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