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Witch Bandora (魔女バンドーラ Majo Bandōra?) was originally the queen of the Dall Tribe. After her son Kai was killed when he was discovered breaking Tyrannosaurus eggs, Bandora sold her soul to Great Satan for the power to become a witch and vow revenge on the dinosaurs by killing children as part of her pact with Great Satan with the intention of wiping out the human race. Viewing herself as the greatest witch ever known, she has seemingly unlimited magical abilities, including enlarging her Dora Monsters. She has served as the nemesis of the Zyurangers. Occasionally, she has sung her theme song, "Dora! The Song of Witch Bandora". The song is sung after Burai first appears. She planned on making everyone dance to her song when she took over the Earth.

She gets extremely furious in a hilarious manner when defeated. She also experiences headaches at times, only to be comforted by her fellow warriors, usually Grifforzer. Moreover, she does eccentric things such as going on a crash diet and dismissing her followers when they fail. When she created Dora Franke from the Dokiita-Clay, she had her minions build the Satan Tower. After which, she performed the Strongest of Black Magic rituals, which is used in the summoning of Great Satan, and this nearly kills her.

She loses her powers after shedding a tear over Kai's death, as a witch loses her powers upon crying. Powerless, Bandora, along with her henchmen, is sealed away and exiled to space by Daizyuzin. She is overwhelmed by the cuteness of Lamie and Grifforzer's son and cradles him around, proving she has, in the end, regained a part of her former goodness.

Bandora's staff, the DoraSceptre, can do many magic tricks, including making the Dora Monsters grow. She often looks down at Earth through her DoraScope.

Bandora is portrayed by Machiko Soga (曽我 町子 Soga Machiko?).

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