Whirlwind (real name: David Cannon) is a mutant with the ability to create super speed rotation and a supervillain in the Marvel comics. He is also joined forces with evil organizations such as the Thunderbolts, the Lethal Legion and the Masters of Evil.HistoryDavid Cannon was always a bad seed. Born a mutant, David used his powers to bully other children and steal food. As an adult, David used his speed to become a figure skater, while moonlighting as a criminal called the Human Top For years, his crimes went unstopped, until Hank Pym (in his Giant-Man identity) and the Wasp caught him. He became their most persistant nemesis, rivaling Egghead in that title. Going underground for awhile, Cannon remerged as Janet Van Dyne's chauffer, using this cover to spy on his enemies, until he revealed it during a confrontation. And like Hank Pym, Cannon also underwent an identity change; altering his costume, Cannon took up the more sinister name of Whirlwind, and continues to plague both Hank Pym and the Avengers. Powers and Abilities.Whirlwind's main power is his super speed rotation. By spinning his body, Whirlwind can achive supersonic speeds and can fly. He later learned how control wind currents, and had sawblades added to his costume.

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