When it comes to Crazy Mofos, there's one thing that mere mortals can do well that most all-powerful, god-like supervillains cannot: simply annoy the hell out of you. Walter Peck, legal representative of the Environmental Protection Agency, has a legitimate beef with the Ghostbusters. No one wants "noxious, possibly hazardous" chemicals in their neighborhood, and that's the EPA's business. And Dr. Peter Venkman certainly did patronize Mr. Pecker - err, Peck - to the point of producing court orders against the boys. However, this man is a piece of shit. He is by no means a terror of "biblical proportions," but he is a constant thorn in the Ghostbusters' side, and it is his fault that all the ghosts the guys caught were released into the city from the already-unstable containment grid. Peck would continue to attack and irritate, even while the Big Apple was facing its Gozeriffic doom. But in a way only New Yorkers seem to be able to do, the 'Busters countered with their own verbal barrage on him. In the end, it was the Mayor himself who chose to trust the vision of the pioneers of paranormal elimination over this smarmy scoundrel of environmental preservation. Plus, the guy was being a dick. It is poetic justice that this slippery, slimy operator was doused by an embarrassingly enormous glob of sticky Stay-Puft Marshmallow. As tough as this man's exterior was, perhaps that is the only way in this world to make this Mofo any sweeter.

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