Vultor is the hidden but true antagonist in the animated movie, The Adventures of the American Rabbit. He is Walt's pet vulture. He was never shown speaking until his master was killed.

He first appeared with Walt. Vultor, Walt, and the Jackals decided to follow Rob and his friends to New York City. When they arrived there, they kidnapped the Chocolate Moose and his son and rented the Statue of Liberty for a day. Walt and Vultor threatened to blow up the visiting public with dynamite, but the American Rabbit clobbered Walt, leaving only a pile of clothes and Vultor behind. Vultor forced the American Rabbit to announce to the public that he and the Jackals were in total control of the city, but it wasn't long until the townspeople turned on them, and Rob's friends freed the Chocolate Moose and his son. Vultor cursed the Jackals, dismissing them as traitors and swearing will destroy the American Rabbit (and the city) once and for all with his doomsday switch. Luckily, Rob cut the power to the city by stopping its hydroelectric turbines, deactivating the doomsday switch.

Furious at having his plans thwarted, Vultor came face to face with the American Rabbit for a final battle, but the Rabbit chased him into a blizzard and refused to join forces when he offered. Vultor made one last attempt to kill the American Rabbit by diving at him, but missed and and plunged to his death in the snow.

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