• Vinnie Stoker (voiced by Roger Rose) - A vampire who is a Fonz-esque version of Count Dracula and is able to go out in broad daylight. His name is an homage to Bram Stoker, author of Dracula. Dresses as a 1950s greaser vampire. Likes being the center of attention. Arrives late to class usually by flying through an open window. Has a tendency to lounge in his desk with his feet up. Most ghoulish-looking, laziest, and most popular student at Gravedale High as indicated by his landslide win for student body president in the episode "Save Our School." Maxwell is disappointed in Vinnie when he shows up late for class, but Vinnie's tardiness is due to his lack of interest in academia, rather than his nocturnal habits. Schneider and Vinnie are known to butt heads over many issues (mainly keeping Vinnie's boot off the desk), but Vinnie is willing to try "human" or "studious" things if it serves his interest at the moment.

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