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Vexor is The leader of the Magnavores. He loses patience with his Magnavores' incompetence and does not appear in every episode. He appeared to have been destroyed by the combined efforts of all three Beetleborgs stabbing their Beetle Battlers into his body and pulling him to the ground, after Drew battled with and destroyed Shadowborg, but quickly revived himself, sprouting a new body and face and even managed to grow giant. In his following appearance, he somehow switched back to his old self/appearance.


Battlefront of Camp Half-BloodEdit

Vexor and Shadowborg joined the Martians to Launch up Kronos and Kill Percy Jackson. In Response of The Alliance of Universe, Anakin Skywalker, Oscar Diggs, and His Army faced the Martian Fighting Machines, and Bombardment Machines, and Rescued The Inhabitants. When Vexor and Shadowborg Ended Up Defeat and Vows to Revenge and Kronos Turned into Nothing But of Magma, as he Destroyed.

Dathomir Under SiegeEdit

Vexor again, Met Mother Talzin to Activated the Undead Army, For Example, Nightsister Zombies. Numerous Armies were Activated, When Suddenly, The Alliance of Universe and the Galactic Republic attacks Vexor, Talzin, Old Daka, and their Reinforcements, as the Battlefield Rages in Unstoppable Destruction. Aayla Secura manage to Kill Old Daka and her Undead army, and Vexor had Set them off.

Vexor's Final ConflictEdit

In the Last Intense Battle of Naboo, Vexor Took part of the Battle, Where he Met Grimlord and his Army to Defeat Rebel Troopers, Autobot Soldiers and Numerous Heroic Groups that battled with them. Vexor Once again Defeated, and Send him to Prison by Avalon Centrifuge.

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