Vampirus was brought to Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd as a gift from Rito Revolto. At first sleeping inside an egg, Vampirus soon hatched and summoned Ninjor from the Temple of Ninja Power, planning on destroying the ancient sage and seizing the Temple's power for Zedd and Rita. Though at first Vampirus was bewildered by Ninjor's ninja abilities, he tried to defeat the sage by warping them to some firey dimension, where Vampirus seemed to be able to harm Ninjor just by waving his hands. Unfortunately for Vampirus, Ninjor soon regained the upper hand by transforming into Battle Mode, pummelling Vampirus until they returned to the Desert of Dispair, where the vampiric monster was destroyed by combined might of Ninjor and the Ninja MegaFalconZord. Vampirus was next seen aiding Goldar, Rito, and Artist Mole in a divide-and-conquer attack on Angel Grove. Vampirus and Artist Mole were stationed at a powerline tower, but were eventually rounded up with the other villains by the Rangers, where Vampirus fought Tommy. The villains suddenly teleported away in the middle of the fight, then just as suddenly reappeared moments later. Faced with the Rangers' Shark Cycles, though, the villains quickly retreated, one-by-one, and stayed gone this time, and Vampirus wasn't seen again. Vampirus was last seen in Zedd and Rita's invasion of the Vica Galaxy, where he was reduced to a pile of sand by Zordon's energy wave.

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