robotic monster used to abduct people to Secret City 

  • Vacsacker, a red robot monster, appeared from red streaks in the plaza downtown and began using a red ray from his cannon arm to beam away crowds of fleeing people, sending them all to Astronema's Secret City.
  • The three Rangers tried to hurry a crowd to safety, but Vacsacker's beam went through the Rangers and beamed away the crowd behind them; the Rangers' suits had made them immune to the ray.
  • Vacsacker shot red energy bolts from between his eyes.
  • As Vacsacker fought Andros and Carlos inside Secret City, Carlos shoved Andros aside and took a red energy bolt in the chest, making him collapse and writhe in agony for a bit.
  • Two of the Battlizer Missiles from Red Ranger struck Vacsacker but had little effect.
  • Vacsacker shot a red bolt from his cannon as well.
  • As Red Ranger flew overhead, Vacsacker shot orange energy bolts from his cannon.
  • The two wingtip missiles from the Red Battlized Ranger destroyed Vacsacker.
  • Soon, however, the Satellasers revived and enlarged Vacsacker.
  • The Mega Voyager's Mega V-3 missile mode destroyed giant Vacsacker.

  • Vacsacker was among Divatox's army on the planet Gratha. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

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