Sea Witch Ursula
Background information
Feature films The Little Mermaid
Television programs
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Octopus-Human Hybrid
Eye Colors Hazel
Hair Colors Purplish White
Gender Female
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Sea Witch
Affiliations Dark Universal Empire
Powers and abilities

Ursula is a sea witch who taken over the entire Undersea Kingdom. She was a fat cecaelia, with a snake-like tentacles making it a whip like weapon to smash them, or to drag, and toss off and later knocked to death, Including the Undersea Merman Soldiers. Ursula is now furious that merpeople shall be stopped occasionally, and the era of Undersea Kingdom will prevail.


The PlotEdit

Not known about the sea witch who was banished for treason by King Triton and Sebastian, Ursula exiled, and open the skeletal leviathan fortress, and allied to Undertow, and Cloak and Dagger, as well as Floatsam and Jetsam, Refer to them as Poopsies. Making the Plot about to Retrieve the Trident and a Crown to Become a Dark Ruler, Ursula accidentally uses potions to a Mystic Cauldron, and calling the dreadful leader, Pamela Voorhees, who taunts Ursula to Retrieve the Artificial Weapon without warning.

Retrieval against TritonEdit

Driven Mad by Flounder after beaten by Glut, Ursula witness the Shark's Defeat and Unwittingly swam away. When Pamela Voorhees was Calling Ursula to Bring the Trident and Disintegrate the Blockade and Nearly killed Some Merman Soldiers. As Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder shocked, and Almost Protected by King Triton and his Soldiers to Prevent the Sea Witch. Eric and Grimsby shocked and what happened to the Sea Witch to Retrieve the Crown and Trident.

With the Artificial Sea Camera shuts down, Eric had to Swim down to the Undersea Kingdom and Find them. Prince Eric must find the Coordinates to the Undersea Castle, and then they were Under attack, Then Again, Ursula must uses the Separatist and Martian Naval Transports and Carriers to enslave the Kingdom, This occurs when Ursula turns King Triton into a Polyp.

Surrender to the Sea WitchEdit

Eric was too late to Save King Triton, Ursula replied "At last, It's Mine!" and Eric targets at Ursula's arm and save them, Just as the Galactic Republic Reinforcements came in. Unbeknownst to Ursula, She was Surrendered by Anakin Skywalker, Zephyr Shields and Xenon Asuka and all of Groups such as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and their Friends. former enemy Evanora destroys Floatsam and Jetsam, and a Few of Separatist Forces fell apart. Driven anger by Anakin, Allan Quatermain shoots down one of the Tentacles, and Mr. Hyde destroys the jail cells and freeing the merpeople.

Just before that Ursula Yelled "You Destroyed the Army, Now the Era of King Triton will Extinct, and The Darkness will Prevail... The Sea had all its Spoils, Bow to My Power!" Before becoming a ginormous true form and swam up to the Sea. Two of Ursula's tentacles smashed up Republic attack Frigates and Assault Gunships around, and Rises up to Oceans, Causing wreak havoc the entire Republic Fleet. The Twenty-fifth Heroes goes up and began to defeat her.

The Final StandEdit

When The Journalist and the Artilleryman shows Ursula given to a size of every Kaiju Monster. They Shocked, And calling all Venator Star Destroyers, The Attack Frigates, N7 Alliance Battleships and Nautilus to Defeat her. Ariel was seen trapped, and attempt to be killed by Ursula, Suddenly, laser cannons and rocket launchers of the Republic ships was fired simultaneously and disarming the Trident.

In the final stand, The Clone Troopers and all of what inside such as former enemies Evanora and Theodora to Destroy Ursula's defenseless weak spot. The League, and the Carnivalian Union to launch the Cannon of Nautilus and destroys her Face. Suddenly, A Multitude of the Martian and Separatists Vehicles attack the Republic Ships before Prince Eric to Be Send the Trident by Xenon, Prince Eric will order the Troopers to Destroy the Weak Spots of the Head and a Body, But Mrs. Sunshine to call the army to Destroy Ursula. With the intense violent battle Ends, Ursula was destroyed by Clone Troopers Heavy Cannon Fire under Eric's Order, and sank beneath the oceanic waves.

That Moment, Melody Shocked as Ursula falls down into The Underwater rocks and crashes it, One of Merman Soldiers yelled "Look Out!" Before Saving Melody from being crushed to death and Ariel Survived the Destruction. Although Anakin and his gang Discovered that Ursula was Dead, However, Tony Montana and their allies spotted as Ursula revived again. Five of the Tentacles grabs the Soldiers and the Journalist calls the Artilleryman to aim at Ursula's Heart and save the soldiers, Tony manage to kill Ursula, and save the kingdom from tyranny.


With the death of Ursula, The Evil Manta and his partners saw the huge rock covered under the corpse of the sea witch. This occurs, when Maleficent, now in Mosasaurus form, began to reborn her. Undertow does not show the other enemies lost their fight, but he later approaches as Ursula to be revived. Maleficent saw that the number of rocks falls apart, and Ursula was reborn. Her next plan is to overwhelm King Triton again, as she retake their kingdom. So she saw the abandoned lair that was scattered during the battle, and her garden remained obsolete. Ursula saw that Merfolk inhabitants already free from the lair, until she will have her revenge.

The Dark Universal Empire's undersea squad arrive on to hunt Ariel, and her friends, or capture them again to do so. The Evil Manta arrive into the throne, until King Triton had already banished them from the palace. Granite, and his troops saw Ursula being reborn, with revenge. Zephyr Shields and his troopers came, and the mission should be started.

Resurgence on the Undersea KingdomEdit

Several Manta Infiltrators and Workers rebuilt the lair, and Ursula was returned with a vengeance. She cannot be jolly for prominent reason, but she made them unrest. King Triton angers when their conflict will not be settled, until Zephyr Shields and his allies can stop them. So Ariel arrives to rescue Triton, and then Ursula will face his hero, and the duel will begin. Maleficent gets an urgent response which Ursula, and the Evil Manta duels with Zephyr and the Journalist.

The second battle was lured by the Rebel Alliance as Pinky Buflooms saw many undersea monsters approaches the rocks. Bypassing to the entrance of the palace, Kit Fisto went on to the throne room, but was detected by a Manta Sentry. Ariel halts the duel, and Ursula with her ally, The Evil Manta, surrendered as the Resurgent Warfare ends. Maleficent, and her sentries went Catatonic as they force to retreat, and Ursula and her partners chased away from the Undersea Kingdom. After the long duel, Ursula stated that "It wasn't over." so she will concern about new plots as she promised us for revenge.

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