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"I want a heart!" - The Tin man

The Tin Man 1

The Tin man was a tin like humanoid man who lived in a small house in the woods of the wonderful world of OZ. Since he is made out of metal he gets rusted up quickly and often carries a oil can. He also feels that he doesn't have a hat since he is not human. He eventually meets a lost girl called Dorathy, her dog and a Scarecrow. After learning that they are on there way to the Emerald city to meet the Wizard of OZ in order to grant them their wishes he comes along with them hoping that the Wizard can give him a heart, on the way they meet a Cowardly lion who whises to have courage and joins them.

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

The Tin man with his friends

Once they reach the city the Wizard refuses to grant them their wishes unless they bring him the broom of the Wicked witch. On their quest to kill the wicked witch the Tin man proves that he does have a heart. When their quest is over the Wizard of Oz turns out to be just a simple old man. The Wizard however feeling bad tells the Tin man that he has had a human heart all along but he gives the Tin man a mechanical ticking heart to the Tin man to remind him of his heart.

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