Big, ugly, powerful, rude, scary, and damn good with a sword: this describes the Kurgan (Clancy Brown) fairly well, but the only way to get a feel for what this guy can do is to see him in action. Watch as he slaughters and tortures the poor mortals who have no chance in a fight against him. Witness the annihilation be brings upon everyone in his path. Merciless and arrogant, The Kurgan rides through time on the strength of those other immortals he has killed, beheading them and swallowing their power with the goal of being the last immortal left as the ultimate Prize to be won. But, there are other immortals out there...

Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) is a Scottish Highlander growing up in the early 16th century. He has been blessed (or cursed) with the powers of the Quickening as well, and once he realizes his capabilities as a warrior, he sets out to protect his own head before The Kurgan can add it to his collection. Over hundreds of years, the battle rages across the world between immortals until, finally, in 1985, The Kurgan and MacLeod cross paths again in New York City. Given the setting, some war techniques will have to change to ensure these two can battle to the death without seeing such nuisances as the cops getting involved. In the meantime, MacLeod gets "distracted" by a love interest whom is soon kidnapped by the Kurgan. Forced to fight for the Prize at last, MacLeod accepts the challenge from the Kurgan and the war is on.

Regardless of the country or time, however, the Kurgan is relentless in his quest for the Prize. He viciously runs over people in his path, but not before having fun and taunting them incessantly. His looks range from medieval maniac to goth nightmare, but he remains large and in charge wherever he roams. In the case of MacLeod however, he knows the Kurgan can be wounded. His teacher, Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez (Sean Connery) left the giant with a large gash in his neck, nearly beheading him. But the wound didn't save MacLeod's mentor from being killed in the end. Nor did it save MacLeod's first love from being raped by the maniac. In the end, MacLeod does avenge both Ramirez and his love, decapitating the Kurgan atop a New York City rooftop. The world may have been given a reprieve from an evil and powerful immortal lurking about, but for now MacLeod can take pride in the fact he took down one of the scariest dudes ever to walk the Earth.

INTELLIGENCE - 6: He's no supervillain, but the Kurgan is smart enough to work his way through his fellow immortals.

POWER - 8: His supernatural powers and strength give him the edge over any mortal, and make for incredible battles with Connor MacLeod.

VILENESS - 10: For everything this guy's done in the past few millenia, his score should probably be a 20.

SWAY - 9: One of the darkest voices in history is complemented with a wicked sense of humor, usually leading to sheer terror.

PURITY - 9: The Kurgan is absolutely consumed by the quest for immortality, destroying anything in his way with an evil sneer. But not in a church.

PHYSICAL - 10: This is what Darth Vader should have looked like underneath the helmet.

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