The Supreme Warlords of the Sith, also known as Seven Great Warlords, or Supreme Warlocks of the Galaxy is a dark side division launched by Morgoth. The Seven Great Warlords consists the Magi-Tech, and Umbrakinetic magic, and destructive power looms across the galaxy. It is considered a secret group can be affiliated to the Dark Universal Empire, which can be divided into chaos and destructive anarchy.

List of Known IndividualsEdit

  • Morgoth - The dark lord ruled them all over Middle-Earth, where he fall victim at the hands of Zephyr Shields, Xenon Asuka, and Anakin Skywalker. He was corrupted and becomes more powerful commander of the Supreme Warlocks of the Galaxy. Morgoth now becomes Darth Morgothius as a leader, he ordered one or two agents to attack numerous worlds over space. Morgoth participate the final battle in Numbani where he was destroyed at the hands of Zephyr Shields and Diana Cavendish.
  • OR14-47 - Simply known as Orfour, an OR14 bot gets a fatal blow of the heart by Sailor Venus, Later painted red, and reprogrammed as a sith by Darth Vader. This red and black OR14 defense robot can kill Rebel Alliance forces and Overwatch troops on the Assault on Watchpoint: Gibraltar. OR14-47 has been destroyed by Carolyn Stoddard and Ezra Bridger during the Battle of Batalia.
  • Croix Meridies - Former friend, rival, and archenemy of Atsuko Kagari and Ursula Callistis. Croix had made digital cubes to transform into furious monsters and mythological creatures. Croix had made her deal with Darth Blackwatch and Darth Krayt to obliterate few of the pirate ships and a Black Pearl, Croix and Maleficent did launch a metamorphosis strength to turn the Flying Dutchman into a Liopleurodon to strike down the Black Pearl. Croix and Darth Marnebas landed in Halloween Town, where Jack Skellington, Zephyr Shields, and Ursula Callistis confronts them during the small-scale attack.
  • Darth Blackwatch - A Pirate Sith Captain that haunted the Port Royal, Shipwreck Cove and Tortuga. Blackwatch was a notorious captain who helped Davy Jones, and Lord Cutler Beckett to Obliterate the Brethren Court and other Pirate Alliances, established by Hector Barbossa. Darth Blackwatch prepares to fight against Jack Sparrow and Zephyr Shields during the Assault off the coast of Pelegosto Island, just before he was annihilated by Jack Sparrow, Genji Shimada, and Jyn Erso.
  • Darth Marnebas - A dark side clone of Barnabas Collins, and a cybernetic warlock. He too have telekinetic power to halt the rebel forces actions and later force-pushed away from his point. He and croix participate in Halloween Town with an imperial platform which harvest energy, just before he was destroyed at the hands of Luke Skywalker, Ursula Callistis, and Zephyr Shields.
  • Darth Pocalypto - The chaos bringer lived in Apokolips can be created by Darkseid. Darth Pocalypto has constructed enemy robots which manifest as dark energy where Wonder Woman discovered in the mission on Mortis. Pocalypto had decisions to Maleficent, and General Rhyolite to hunt and destroy Overwatch and Justice League. Darth Pocalypto that had perished alongside his partner, Darth Bliterator by Lando Calrissian and Jasminka Antonenko in the Battle of Gaspar.
  • Darth Bliterator - The Hulking commander of destruction invented originally by Dr. Nefarious, then later formed into dark side warrior by Emperor Palpatine. Darth Bliterator can launch rockets and bombs to defeat Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark, and the Q-Force team in the Battle of Gaspar, until he was destroyed alongside Pocalypto.


Formation of the Supreme WarlordsEdit

The decision had made by Archduke Granite and Darth Vader, which can create distinctive warlords which commands Imperial Stormtroopers, Harvester Soldiers, and Decepticon Soldiers. On Mordor, Darth Krayt and Arihnda Pryce found the now-decomposed body of Morgoth, where he was reformatted into supreme warlord of the Sith. Generally, an unearthly division was created by Darth Morgothius, where he commands Croix Meridies, OR14-47, Darth Blackwatch, Pocalypse, Bliterator, and Marnebas to hunt down the rebel forces. If Senator Amethyst wasn't popular enough, she attempt to get reinforcements to obliterate the Rebel Alliance fleet, leading to the first battle on Gaspar.

Battle across the galaxyEdit

Darth Bliterator and Darth Pocalypto lands on Gaspar, where the Rebel Fleet attempt to push the enemy forces off the stronghold. As Ratchet, Clank, and the Q-Force came to the battlefield, Dr. Nefarious, Emperor Tachyon, and Ace Hardlight watches as Darth Bliterator can destroy five of GR-75 Medium Transports, until Lando Calrissian approach to an all-out assault. Crystella Amidala dispatch Jasminka Antonenko to decimate the Martian and Harvester forces, teamed up with Lando, and destroys the two warlords, and Gaspar had liberated.

Darth Blackwatch participates in Port Royal, and rushed into Off of Pelegosto Island to kill Hector Barbossa and his Brethren Court. The East India Trading Company dismantle the actions of the pirate fleet, until Zephyr Shields and his alliance forces greet Jack Sparrow to defeat Darth Blackwatch. The duel between Zephyr Shields alongside Jack Sparrow and Darth Blackwatch which leads to a decisive victory, as they destroyed the Sith Captain and ending the assault on high seas.

On Batalia, OR14-47 dispatch the Imperial Forces, and B73 Bastion units, marked the rebirth of the Omnic Crisis to attack Sailor Mars, and the Rebel army. However, Mercutio ordered Carolyn Stoddard to destroy much of B73s and AT-STs before leading to her confrontation. The Harvester Supreme Commander warns to Widowmaker to stay away from lethal cannons, until Starscream decimates the rebel defenses. Prince Escalus, King Lear, and Ezra Bridger wins the negotiations before the Jedi Padawan team up for special attack with Carolyn. As the power grew, OR14-47 had been destroyed, falling down to the shallow water down below.

In Halloween Town, Croix Meridies and Darth Marnebas started a new anarchy to foil the spirit of hope by Jack Skellington. As though, Supreme Commander Zephyr Shields, Rebel Alliance and Jedi General Luke Skywalker, and Professor Ursula Callistis approach on a mission to Halloween Town to join forces with Jack Skellington, in order to bring Croix Meridies back, and defeat Marnebas, a cybernetic warlock and a clone of Barnabas Collins. The Mayor outcries of the catastrophe, but Oogie Boogie ordered two Martian Handling Machines to capture them and toss into the basket to drain the blood. Seconds later, Luke Skywalker decapitates Oogie Boogie completely, and all of the bugs attempt to flee from the battlefront.

Croix Meridies failed to break the umbrakinetic mind-controlled force by Darth Marnebas, by then he roared, "I Command you to Come to Me! You cannot resist me!" before Zephyr managed to kill him, and then decimate the Imperial Platform off the curly hill causing to self-destruct. Finally, Luke Skywalker and Ursula Callistis destroyed Darth Marnebas, leading to his force burst, thus, ending the catastrophe. Croix Meridies spoke to Ursula Callistis revealed that Darth Morgothius still waiting in the final battle before she dies in Ursula's arms. Eventually, Zephyr Shields concerns to Jack Skellington, noted that he manage to defeat the final sith lord which terrorized Numbani, where Orisa and Efi Oladele lives here.

End of the AnarchyEdit

By the dawn before the Battle of Numbani arose, Darth Morgothius ordered Orson Krennic and a Harvester Queen to wipe the innocent civilians, Only Efi Oladele and Orisa went into Hiding. Zephyr Shields and Diana Cavendish arrive to Numbani, and helps Zenyatta Tekhartha and Bastion E54 to search for Orisa. Morgothius is later confronted by Sailor Moon, and the rebel forces, she replied "This time, in the name of the Moon, i shall destroy you, once and for all."

This time, the battle erupts and the Rebels and the Imperials collide on all-out attack, and Jyn Erso running to utilize the payload to escort all the way to the end. Orisa participate the first attack in order to cease the enemy's resistance. Darth Morgothius bellowed and lands onto the Payload, hurting Jyn, Soldier: 76, and allies, but the payload contains but a torpedo to kill firstly, a Harvester Queen. Despite that Barnabas Collins informs to Jyn Erso and her allies, that the Payload needs to get moving to kill the Harvester Queen. Now Jennifer Caulfield, and Jesse Walsh tried to follow to the enemy's path, and unknowingly, a Torpedo accidentally launched to kill a Harvester Queen, but before the final battle between Zephyr Shields and Darth Morgothius.

Orisa arrive to save the innocent, and Sucy Manbavaran is determined to swipe away from the Martian Handling Machine's claws. Suddenly, casualties slowly rise, Jyn Erso spoke to Luke Skywalker to team up with Zephyr Shields once again to defeat Darth Morgothius, and ending the catastrophe, once and for all. Symmetra gasped as the rebel forces were in danger, as she needs an emergency response to Jyn Erso and the rest of the wounded soldiers to be stabilized. Dr. Okun and President Whitmore arrives to protect the City of Numbani, the Rebels and the Sailor Guardians were all recovered by Mercy and Pharah, and then Zephyr Shields and Luke Skywalker finally destroys Darth Morgothius, and the dark days of the Supreme Warlocks of the Galaxy has come to an end.

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