Spydra: Spydra, voiced by Louise Vallance, is the main villain of Gadget Boy & Heather. Spydra wears a pink mask and has six arms, speaks in a loud voice, and is almost the female version of Dr. Claw. Her primary goals are to bring down Gadget Boy and commit grand crimes of all kinds. Usually, Spydra is seen in her lair, much like Dr. Claw is seen at his computer terminal, either in his castle or on the, but does not run a large scale criminal organization similar to M.A.D. Also, Spydra's whole body can be seen, unlike Dr. Claw in the original series, where only his arms are seen and he is hiding behind a chair, and Spydra can get out of her chair. Spydra is named for resembling a spider, sporting six arms and keeping her face hidden under a mask. She occasionally takes her mask off to use one of her main powers: the ability to petrify anyone who sees her real face. Of course, the unmasking is always done off-screen or is obscured. Her pet is the vulture Boris, and she is usually abusive towards Boris, often using alliterations to insult Boris. Spydra's minions are the twin brothers Mulch and Hummus, the only recurring minions in the series, as opposed to the different recurring unnamed M.A.D. agents in Inspector Gadget (and sometimes a supervillain who will have a name and appear once, which is less apparent in the second season of the series). Her name is Arachna in the French version.

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