Space Cruiser Prometheus
Space Cruiser Prometheus
General information
Feature Films Prometheus
Television Programs
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Production Information
Manufacturer Weyland Corp; Later Weyland-Yutani
Class Heliades-class
Technical Specification
Engine Units
Armaments Laser Cannons
Proton Missiles
Some Flame Cannons
Crews Over 17 Crew
Role Cruiser
Affiliation Weyland-Yutani
Heroic Federation
The Space Cruiser Prometheus was revolutionary starship that was the most advanced and expensive faster-than-light space exploration vehicle of its day. Whence the Space Cruiser Explores many Worlds and Space Stations around the Galaxy and Docked in Every Planet. It was Later armed with Battlefield Weaponry During the Heroic Federation-Dark Universal Wars.


The Space Cruiser Prometheus was Commissioned by Peter Weyland to Explore Many Worlds and Investigate some Artifacts, Hence, it was Unwittingly Have its new Vehicles to Locate anything it was.

When the War Begins, Prometheus was armed with Cannons and Missiles by Captain Sisho, But this time, It Destroyed many Antagonistic Battlefleet During the First Battle of Xenonaira. Afterwards, Meredith Vickers Unleashes the Powerful Laser Cannon To Destroy the Command Ship and the First Battle Ended.

After That, Holloway, Shaw, David, Fifield, Milburn, and Ford suit up and leave to investigate the artifacts, but was still continue to discover them. The Space Cruiser Was Powerful to Destroy Everything During Rameses' Battle for the Pharaohs, Prometheus Suddenly Destroys a Few Recusant-class Light Destroyers and Providence-class Battleships, Shortly Before Being Heavily Damaged by Separatist Gunships During the War on Egypt.

With Prometheus Succesfully Repaired, it Armed with Super Stylized Proton Torpedoes and Missile Launchers and Continue to Attack the Martian and Separatist Forces in the Battlefield. David Inspecting the Room of the Space Cruiser that was Fixed and Repaired, Since that evil Forces Came Through.

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