He has many hidden plans and reasons which he only reveals by his own free will. Although he is the main antagonist, he himself is second to another, greater villain in all but his own plans. His most characteristic trait is his desire for revenge and his pursuit of it, leaving death and misery in its wake.Slagar reveals himself as Chickenhound, the young fox from Redwall, to Mattimeo during their journey. He gives Mattimeo a biased story in which he is an innocent youngster whom the Redwallers are responsible for injuring, and he has personified them in Matthias. In truth, he is the son of the healer Sela. His mother was a traitor to both the horde of Cluny the Scourge they were employed by, and the Redwall creatures who took them in, to exploit the most benefit from each side. Chickenhound was Sela's assistant in her plans.Cluny suspected the foxes were planning to double-cross him, and set a trap to expose them. They were caught, and Cluny ordered their execution by spearing. Sela was slain, but Chickenhound survived and dragged himself wounded to Redwall. He was cared for in the infimary, and told the Redwallers about Cluny's plans to tunnel into the abbey, an act that quite likely saved Redwall from being conquered. After he recovered, he began to believe that he was being imprisoned and escaped, stealing valuables on his way out. Pursued by the Redwallers, he accidentally killed an old mouse named Methuselah in his haste to escape.Running for his life, Chickenhound hid in an old log where Asmodeus Poisonteeth found and bit him, ripping away half the skin on his face. Chickenhound escaped from the snake's lair and nursed himself back to health with the 'art of the healers'. His face remained horribly disfigured by the wound, and so Chickenhound began wearing a harlequin hood to conceal it. His mind was warped by the venom, and he began to believe the Redwallers are responsible for his condition. Eventually, he renamed himself - becoming Slagar the Cruel - and began to plot his revenge.Slagar is a prolific slaver. This also demonstrates that he also has some other plan for collecting the slaves. Eventually, it is discovered that he acts as a slaver for Malkariss, a speaking statue which contains a prideful polecat, in an underground city of rats. Slagar has been slaving for many seasons before he comes to Redwall, as he had allied with Malkariss to provide him with new slaves. He has become infamous even before his attempt at Redwall and therefore, although not in view of Redwall, has made slaving a practice, but not his future.Slagar's future, as he determines it, is the command of the evil realm of Malkariss within the ruins of old Loamhedge, the abbey that preceded Redwall. His plans center on bringing the unfortunate young slaves to Malkariss, to align himself with the evil forces within. The lust for sweet revenge drives him into kidnapping Mattimeo and the Redwall young ones, but his dissatisfied hunger for power - and having his reward delayed - drives him to plot further to overthrow his master and rule the above and the below lands. Yet, before he could do this, the warriors of Redwall and Mossflower destroy Malkariss and free the slaves. Slagar meets with the bitter fate of being chased until he falls down a well and dies.He was voiced by Simon Smithies in the full-cast audiobook of Redwall (as Chickenhound) and by Paul Braithwaite in Mattimeo, and by Tim Curry in the animated series.

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