SkullGreymon is a Skeleton Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Skull Greymon". It was a Digimon that put too much importance on fighting, and as a result of its combat instinct it clung to life despite its body rotting away, its whole body becoming nothing but bones. As it doesn't have even a scrap of intelligence to balance its combat instinct, its existence is a threat to other Digimon.

Given their size and power, SkullGreymon currently serve as heavy weapons minions. The Org loves to mass produce these monsters. However, they're only under the command of extremely high rank Org Members, such as Jafar and Hades.


Dark Shot (Ground Zero): Launches an organic missile from its spinal cord.

Double Dark Shot (グラウンドゼロ改 Ground Zero Kai?, lit. "Ground Zero Revision")

Curse Breath

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