Silo Mecha
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Power Rangers Zeo
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Robot
Eye Colors Red
Hair Colors
Alignment Evil
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Mecha Warrior (As Silo)
Mecha Foot Soldiers (As Cog Battle Mech)
Affiliations Machine Empire
Federacy of Machines
Powers and abilities
Weapons Missiles
Laser Guns

Silo was one of the Machine Empire's robotic monsters. It was made out of spare parts from a junkyard by the Cogs. His programming was based on that of the modification Rocky and his classmate Jennifer were making to the robot fighters in a computer game to make it more educational. Silo resembled the robot fighters himself, although there was technically no reason to (the Cogs built him before the knew of the game.) His original programming by Rocky and Jennifer was to ask a question of the game's player, and if the question was answered incorrectly, he blasts the player. As such, he would often ask a trivia question before attacking, saying "you lose!" and firing his missiles. He also used chains from his stomach area to wrap up the Zeo Megazord and attempt to take it away and throw it into the sun, but the Rangers were able to return to Earth and finish off Silo. Target Rangers

Later, Silo was rebuilt and became the first to be improved with Neo Plutonium armor, becoming nearly invincible. However, he and four other Neo Plutonium-enhanced monsters were the first victims of the new Super Zeo Zords. The new Silo did not ask trivia questions like the first, unfortunately. A Golden Homecoming

Silo was next seen in the audience of the Machine Arena, after Tommy had been temporarily made king. He watched the Gold Ranger defeat a monster, before Tommy challenged Jason himself. King for a Day

Years later, Silo could be seen again among the massive monster armies belonging to the United Alliance of Evil that were invading Earth and other worlds.Countdown to Destruction

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