As the overseer of the Mortal Kombat tournament,Shang Tsung has great responsibility. He must obey the wishes of his emperor and make sure the "puny mortals" of the Realm of Earth do not happen to pull out an upset victory in the bottom of the ninth. Well, this would be the tenth tournament, but no matter - a loss is a loss.

Shang Tsung's team of monsterous mofos are indeed formidable, but the humans have a few aces up their sleeve in Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade, three brave but flawed individuals who must work as a team to defeat the dark forces... but still fight individually. Well, you know what I'm saying.

Anyway, this evil sorcerer can shapeshift into trusted friends or send an entire temple full of weightlifters after you, but even he must face his destiny in the end. His desire to control and feed off the souls of those he has vanquished drunkens him with power, and with that power he becomes even stronger. Not to mention, he's one of the best shit-talking villains ever. It also pays to have half a dozen catch phrases already well-known from the wildly popular video game. I just can't hear him taunt "Your soul... IS MINE!" enough times.

Shang Tsung is a rare well-rounded mofo who has few weaknesses. Only destiny - and the desire of an Asian man with seemingly perfect pecs - can seem to defeat him.

INTELLIGENCE - 7: A clever and sly villain who was well-versed in the rules of the Mortal Kombat Tournament.

POWER - 8: This sorcerer is powerful enough to engineer the Tournament and fight one-on-one with the likes of Liu Kang.

VILENESS - 9: Sucks the souls out of the bodies of his victims - and that ain't a pretty (or painless) process.

SWAY - 8: His ability to intimidate even the biggest (and ugliest) warriors gives him a reputation.

PURITY - 7: Determined to rule the Realm of Earth and will bend the rules of the Tournament to see it happen.

PHYSICAL - 8: When he wasn't shapeshifting to his advantage, he was always decked out in some cool black leather.

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