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Second Battle of Moon Kingdom
Second Moon Kingdom Attack

Negaverse-Moon Kingdom Conflict




Moon Kingdom

  • Sailor Scouts Victory
    • Queen Beryl and Negaforce vows to Exile in Xenonaira and never battled the palace again.
    • Sailor Scout Infantry Completed.
  • Heroic Federation of the Galaxy
    • Sailor Scouts
  • Dark Universal Empire
    • Negaverse

Sailor Mini Moon
Tuxedo Mask
Captain Jean-luc Picard

Queen Beryl


Sailor Mars
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus
Many Sailor Soldiers

Quintesson Judges
Dark Generals
Alien Elders

  • Autobots
    • 100 Autotroopers
    • 100 Autobot Soldiers
    • 500 Autobot Fighters
    • 5 Autobot Guardian Robots
    • 10 Autobot Shuttles
    • 10 Autobot Frigates
  • Sailor Scout Infantry
  • Decepticons
    • 100 Decepticon Air Warriors
    • 50 Decepticon Sweeps
    • 1,000 Decepticon Drones
    • 5 Decepticon Guardian Robots
    • 10 Decepticon Dropships
  • Alien Society
    • 50 Alien Fighting Machines
    • 100 Alien Starfighters

Low loses
10 Sailor Pilots killed
30 Sailor Snipers killed

Heavy Loses
15 Tripods Damaged or Destroyed
65 Alien Starfighters Destroyed
40 Air Warriors Slain

The Second Battle of the Moon Kingdom was the Second Conflict that Queen Beryl armed with Reinforcements of Decepticons And Aliens planned to Approach the Moon Palace. Sailor Mini Moon Completes the Confirmation of the Sailor Scout Infantry, and Prepares to attack these evil Soldiers. With the Starship Thunderchild arrived, The Sailor Scouts calls the Admiral Picard to Destroy Queen Beryl and Negaforce, Once and for all.

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