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Bio Edit

After the Zeo Rangers had destroyed all of the Cogs and Quadrafighters on Gamma-Vile,Klank grumbled and had the monster Scrap Heap assemble from the debris. Scrap Heap, a hulking monstrosity formed of scrap metal, complained that he had feelings too, sensitive about not being taken seriously. Once enlarged by Orbus , Scrap Heap launched rockets from the numerous missile launchers on his back at the Zeo-Jets, but he was then confronted by the Zeo Megazord . As giant Scrap Heap repeatedly pelted the Zeo Megazord with concussion bombs, of which the monster thought he had about a million megatons, the Megazord plucked a rocket out of the air and threw it back, causing Scrap Heap to explode violently .

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