Teenager who discovers he is a werewolf.

MOVIE Introduced in 1985 Movie (played by Michael J Fox) where he attends school in Beaverton Oregon. Scott's father, also a werewolf, runs Howard's Hardware.

The principal gives Scott a hard time after discovering he is a werewolf because he had a crush on Scott's mother, but she loved his father instead. The father turned into a werewolf in front of the principal.

Scott plays on the basketball team, but they cannot win any games until he becomes the werewolf. He realizes true friends like him for himself and not because he is/is not a werewolf.

THE CARTOON A cartoon spinoff was made (with Townsend Coleman providing Scott's voice).

This time living in Wolverton, so named because of all the 'wolf' sightings', Scott keeps his idenity a secret. His grandmother and grandpa Howard have been added to the family as has a younger sister named Lupe. He wears a letter jacket with a W on it although he does not play any sports in this version.

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