Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Sailor Moon Saga
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Human
Eye Colors Blue
Hair Colors Blonde
Alignment Good
Gender Female
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Commander of the Sailor Guardians
Affiliations Celestial Federation of the Universe
Friends Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Mars
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus
Rivals Queen Beryl
Powers and abilities
Weapons Moon Staff
Moon Scepter

Sailor Moon is a leader of the Sailor Guardians that lived in the Moon Kingdom, under the Ruler Queen Serenity. Her Civilian Identity was Usagi Tsukino. She was beautiful that she falls in love with Tuxedo Mask. She also met her ally, Luna, In order to defeat Queen Beryl and her Allied Military Organizations throughout the galaxy.


Starting the ConflictEdit

Before becoming a heroine, there was Princess Serenity. She Lived in Moon Kingdom to walk on the footsteps of the Hallway to approach the throne, Until Queen Beryl crashing to the party, She will Introduced as the Queen of the Dark Kingdom, Both Queen and Princess Serenity never to Come in this Kingdom, Queen Beryl leaving into the D Point in the north pole on earth. Before Conquest Began, Princess Serenity was now to become Sailor Moon and Queen Serenity takes her speech that the Moon Kingdom Declared War against the Dark Kingdom.

Whilst the Sailor Guardians disembark Crystal Tokyo, Sailor Moon to approach her allied guardians. Sailor Moon to meet Sailor Chibi Moon about the conquest, they reverted to normal form, long before the War commences. The Great Conflict was known as Silver Millennium Civil War, which was fought between Sailor Guardians and Dark Kingdom, as well as Black Moon Clan and Death Busters. During her battle, Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno, and Rei Hino will become heroines as Sailor Guardians to end the entire conflict.

As the great war has come to an end, Chibiusa Tsukino, daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity will help Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury to protect Moon Kingdom. Sailor Moon now appointed as commander to join the Celestial Federation of the Universe, where Zephyr Shields resides in Interstellar Freedom. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon on patrol to explore the galaxy with the Galactic Republic individuals, and more heroic groups to prevent Maximilian Skywalker's dark scheme.