Chibi Moon
Sailor Mini Moon
Background information
Feature films Sailor Moon S The Movie: Hearts in ice
Sailor Moon SuperS the Movie: Black Dream Hole
Television programs Sailor Moon S
Sailor Moon SuperS
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Human
Eye Colors Red
Hair Colors Pink
Alignment Good
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Sailor Scout Commander
Affiliations Alliance of Universe
Powers and abilities
Weapons Moon Wand

Sailor Mini Moon is the Sailor Scout Commander of the Alliance of Universe. Her allied companion is Luna-P, and was lived located around the World with Sailor Moon to Be Friends forever. Sailor Mini Moon had Known about the plans to Retrieve the Crystal from the Clutches of Queen Beryl and their evil Forces from another Dimension.


A Moon AllianceEdit

It Seemed studying the Facts now, Long Before the Invasion in Crystal Tokyo, Sailor Mini Moon had a Deal with Sailor Moon which agreed within the Protective Seal of the Silver Crystal. From the Approach to the Silver Millennium Senate to take the Course of the amendment to the People to agree with. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon seemed safe in Tranquil Joy near Crystal Tokyo and Moon Kingdom.

Sailor Mini Moon had joined Sailor Mercury and Mars to take a time, So too did the Might of Civilization. She had to call the people where the Negamoon Leader Prince Diamond had Join Forces with the Martian Empire and the Confederacy of Independent Systems to obliterate the Kingdom. Sailor Moon had orders to Evacuate and load their cannons to Shoot them Down.

Battle of Crystal TokyoEdit

Sailor Mini Moon alerted as thousands of Martian Machines, and Numerous Battle Droids approaching to Destroy Crystal Tokyo. In Order to Become Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion, Sailor Mars contact to Both Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask to transform into Royalty Beings to Protect the Civilization and their Kingdom. Sailor Mini Moon had to take on Close Call to the Galactic Republic to Defeat the Martian Elders and Wiseman. In addition, Sailor Mini Moon had Also contacted Sailor Jupiter to mass Produced the Sailor Soldier Resistance Force to Defeat Queen Beryl's Multiple Factions.

With the Clone Troopers approach to attack the Martian and Separatist Forces off the Palace from being eliminated the Civilization of Silver Millennium, While Neo-Queen Serenity Launched the Power to Destroy Wiseman, Thus Fulfilled their Destiny. Sailor Mini Moon and Sailor Moon had Granted a Wish to Become the Alliance of Universe Member, Mini Moon Revealed that Wiseman was Destroyed, yet he will return. She stated that She'll Meet again Sometime.

Battle of LondonEdit

When Sailor Mini Moon Spotted again that London is in Danger Which Peter Weyland had Launched the attack. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Soldiers join with her to Teleport to Earth and Something's Happening there. She Saw the Martian Fighting Machine Imprisoned the Civilians in London, Draining the Blood and Injecting it into their own Veins. Sailor Mars Launched the Ability to Damage the Fighting Machine, and Sailor Mini Moon Jumps on the Hood of the Fighting Machine just Killing the Martian and Hijacking it in order to Defeat Admiral Cartwright for Killing Carol Marcus.

Sailor Mini Moon Pointed to Zephyr Shields, Anakin Skywalker and Xenon Asuka, takes their Magical Wish to Destroy Peter Weyland and Finally Put to an end of the Extinction of Humanity in London. She and Some Sailor Scouts had finished Wiseman's Malevolent Infantry and thus makes the Victory for the Sailor Soldiers around Silver Millennium. Sailor Mini Moon had Join Forces with the Galactic Republic and take onwards to the Galaxy for further Adventures.

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