Oh, it's "Zedd!" I got it, Ed. Oop, I did it again, sorry.
~ Rito Revolto to Lord Zedd.

Rito Revolto is the younger brother of Rita Repulsa, the son of Master Vile and a villain from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

History Edit

Mighty Morphin' Edit

Rito arrived on the Moon shortly after Rita and Lord Zedd were married, bringing with him eggs that hatched into their new grunt soldiers, the Tenga Warriors. Rito managed to destroy the Rangers' Thunderzords and eventually became one of Rita and Zedd's generals, usually fighting alongside Goldar. However he often annoyed Zedd with his incompetence, constantly calling him "Ed". Rito and Goldar eventually were sent to destroy the Command Center with a bomb and steal the Zeo Crystal.

Zeo and In Space Edit

They were successful, but as they were teleporting out, they somehow got messed up in the process and lost their memories. Rito and Goldar ended up living with Bulk and Skull, but eventually got their memories back and rejoined Zedd and Rita in their attempts to destroy the Machine Empire. Rito later attended the United Alliance of Evil's meeting on the Cimmerian Planet. After this, it is unknown what happened to Rito, but it is presumed he was destroyed by the energy wave from Zordon's energy tube shattering.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Rito has about the same power as Goldar and is quite a force to be contended with. He wields a sword made of bone and a flamethrower.

Gallery Edit


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Trivia Edit

  • Rito and Goldar are seen as the monster equivalents of Bulk and Skull due to their bumbling behavior.
  • The reason he never appeared in Countdown to Destruction was because the Rito costume was damaged and never repaired.
  • Rito's last name Revolto is based on the word "revolting".
  • His counterpart from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, which season 3 of Power Rangers was adapted from, was Gasha Skull.
  • Rito Revolto had a nephew named Thrax who is the son of both his sister Rita Repulsa and his brother-in-law Lord Zed.


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