Republic Assault Gunship
General information
Feature Films Star Wars Saga
Television Programs
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Production Information
Manufacturer Rothana Heavy Engineering
Class Repulsorlift Gunship
Technical Specification
Engine Units
Armaments Cannon Turrets
Beam Cannons
Proton Torpedoes
Crews 2 Gunners
1 Pilot
1 Co-Pilot
Passengers 30 Infantry
Role Troop Transport
Aerial Assault
Space Assault
Affiliation Rebel Alliance
Alliance of Universe
Dark Alliance
Galactic Empire
The Republic Assault Gunship is an aerial gunship and infantry transport for the Galactic Republic. It was later recommissioned as part of the Rebel Alliance's military forces as the Rebel Alliance Gunship.


Many More of Republic assault Gunships had Introduced in the Clone Wars, in Order to Defeat the CIS Blockades and Fleets. Clone Troopers themselves piloted and Carried up as a Troop Infantry, While More of them Will Continue to Destroy the Separatist alliance Forces.

Galactic Republic Negotiator Obi-Wan Kenobi stated that The Republic Assault Gunships are fast as Flying, serves both as Aerial and Space Assault, While the Journalist realized that the Republic Assault Gunship that will be the Same Size as the Martian Flying-machine. Each Low Altitude Assault Transports will Participated any Sieges in the Outer Rim and the Solar System, and various Galaxies in the Entire Nation and the Universe.

After Order 66, Clone Troopers goes Corrupt and Killed the Jedi and their army, But they Become the Imperial Low Altitude Assault Transport for the Galactic Empire in order to Defeat the Remaining Army which was Blown out of View.

Rebel Alliance took over the Republic Gunships that will serve as Rebel Troop Transports to Destroy the Evil Forces of the Galactic Empire, and Confederacy of Independent Systems.

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