It's Pinchocchio from hell! Puppetmon is the smallest Dark Master and the only Dark Master to last longer then any of the other's during their ruling period.

Puppetmon acts just like he looks, a big child with a dangerous toy to wield around. Having fun and playing games is all he wants to do. But the kind of games he plays involve death and destruction.

Unlike the other Dark Masters, Puppetmon played with the children and didn't take them seriously. He used lots of henchmen and forest tricks to confuse the children. Puppetmon controls and forest and has a VERY powewrful mallet that fires his "Puppet Pummel" attack.

But oddly enough, Puppetmon has a weakness he hates admitting, one that gets him so angry he'd kill any henchmen or child who dare said it. Puppetmon has no friends, his henchmen stay with him only cause of fear of death.

Cherrymon convinced Matt and Gabumon to turn on Tai and Puppetmon was all too eager to watch. But he got side "attacked" by MetalEtemon and the Digidestined using his own toys against him.

Eventually Puppetmon fought the kids head on and lost his house, hammer, and winning edge, and was surrounded by the Digimon. In a desperate move, Puppetmon manipulated Wargreymon with his strings long enough to escape. He then found Mattand Wargarurumon. He ordered them to attack Tai but they refused, so Puppetmon angrily attacked them head on.

Wargarurumon fatally blasted him directly and left Puppetmon. As he lay dying, he finally realized he never could have beaten the kids because he lacked what they had, true friendship. And with that he died.

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