It was a robot created toentertainkids alongside a children's entertainer, that a Cog inserted an evil cog into its back to make it evil. He hypnotized kids to misbehave. The Rangers arrived, but Puppetman used the kids as shields, knowing the Rangers wouldn't harm the children. Puppetman then escaped to a satellite station where he intended to amplify his mind-altering powers on all the kids of Angel Grove. The Rangers took him down with the new Defender Wheel. Puppetman grew, and the Zeo Megazord fought him. Billy discovered that his power came from Puppetman's nose, and told the Rangers that destroying the nose would cause Puppetman to lose his power. The Zeo Megazord's Saber cut off his nose and destroyed Pupperman. Later, Alpha 5 rebuilt the Puppetman for the next Captain Pete show. "The Puppet Blasters"

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