Background information
Feature films Alien Vs. Predator Duology
Television programs
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Predalien
Eye Colors
Hair Colors
Alignment Evil
Gender Unrevealed
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Leader of the Hive
Affiliations Alien Society
Friends Their Xenomorph Warriors
Powers and abilities
Weapons Claws
Acid Breath

The Predalien, Informally known as Yautjomorph, was a Yautja-Spawned Xenomorph the result of a Facehugger implanting the Predator with an embryonic Chestburster. It was Menaced and Attacked Gunnison, Colorado to Rule the Xenomorph armies under Alien Society's Supreme Ruler The Matriarch.


The Yautjomorphs are Served as Infantry under the Matriarch which used as weapons to Hunt Down Predators. Suddenly, Yautjomorphs are Ruthless and Dangerous as Ever than all the places around the World.

One Known Predalien Leader that menaced Gunnison, Colorado on Earth During the Dream Eaters Conquest. When Predalien rises all Heartless and Alien Infantries to Turn Gunnison into the Infested Castle. But was Failed and Was Destroyed by Lief, and all of remained of Enemies were Destroyed in Explosion.

With Predaliens Extinct, and they're No Hope to Destroy them, But The Predaliens will Continue to Survive among the Alien Society and the Matriarch's Evil Rule.

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