Pamela Voorhees
Pamela Voorhees
Background information
Feature films Friday the 13th Series
Television programs
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Human
Eye Colors Blue
Hair Colors Blonde
Alignment Evil
Gender Female
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Serial Killing Leader
Affiliations Dark Universal Empire
Powers and abilities

"Pamela Voorhees, For the Crimes of Mass Murder and Destruction, the Heroic Federation has sentenced you and your fellow insurgents to banish to Mustafar System. Any Last Words?"
—Percy Jackson to Pamela Voorhees, and her Participants during the Trial

Pamela Voorhees is originally a camp cook and the Mother of Jason Voorhees. She turned corrupted as the Ruler to all Evil, She Arguably a Sith Mistress, Responsible for Killing everyone to Extinction. She is also have Apprentices, Including Michael Myers, Bagul, Pazuzu, and Evil Horror Members to destroy the Humanity.



Pamela Voorhees becomes a camp cook lived in Crystal Lake, and a Campsite, Just before Jason was born, Pamela's Son, Jason is being bullied by little strangers and later drowning and never heard from again. To Scare off the Campsite, Pamela mourn the loss of a fallen son, and which it had been a tragedy before having her revenge.

Birth of the RulerEdit

Pamela Voorhees came from the Planet earth and meet the evil Maximillian Skywalker in order to revive her son. Forought the Start of the Ceremony of the leadership to sign as her queen to find the Horror Members, Freddy Krueger the Legendary Killer on Elm Street, Michael Myers the Warrior during halloween, Angela Franklin the queen of the demons, and Pinhead the leader. Maleficent meets Pamela to locate Camp Half-Blood where Percy Jackson is waiting.

Maleficent decide to destroy several individuals lived on earth and other planets, which mankind and alien races still on. The Martians and Nute Gunray approved to start the war and kill Percy Jackson.

Battle of Camp Half-Blood and ImprisonmentEdit

With the orders of Maximillian Skywalker, Pamela and her followers dive down to Camp Half-blood and destroy them into their demise. Annabeth Chase witnessed the War is even more pitiful and disastrous, She called the Galactic Republic to Defeat Pamela Voorhees and save the entire campsite. Percy Jackson agreed to Zephyr, Xenon and Anakin, and finally put to an end of the Battle of this camp.

Evanora captured the Martian Cylinder and send some individuals off the camp, whilst Sailor Mini Moon signed as substitute member of Camp Half-Blood by Annabeth. Percy Jackson giving a jury speech to Pamela which is why did Jason was yet to be revived, or Killing some members. For some orders to Kratos, Pamela was pleaded guilty for murdering individuals and sent the cylinder off the place and leaving Earth left behind.

Failure at MustafarEdit

Upon her imprisonment, Alejandro Sosa watches the Martian Cylinder and crashes in the rocks of volcanic mountains on Mustafar. When the Lid detaches, Pamela arrive at mustafar, Queen Beryl and Maleficent failed her to kill Percy Jackson, But she had not been punished by Eternal Sleep. The Mistress of all evil decide to revive Jason Voorhees under Pamela's order, Located in Crystal Lake and catches him from drowning.

Pamela Voorhees arrive at the Camp Crystal Lake and Jason has been found by Pinhead. Maleficent to turn his drowned victim into a Legendary Serial Killer, and Began to Destroy all human soldiers. Pamela still hasn't failed, But she will become her ruler of the Dark Universal's Horror Division.

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