When the real Walter Logan disappears in 1979, Rinaker appoints Nate to pretend to be Walter Logan. He comes to love Nick as if he were his own son, and without Rinaker's knowledge, indirectly teaches Nick to combat aliens such as Werewolves and Vampires. When Nick is grown up, Nate retires as an agent but continues to pose as Walter Logan and is admitted into a retirement home due to his heart condition. When Nick's memories begin to return Nate reveals that he is actually Nick's stepfather. Shortly afterwards, Intracom kidnaps Nate. Nick spends most of the series searching for Nate, finding him and losing him multiple times. When the new Alliance is formed to defend Earth from the Shadoen invasion, Nate apologizes to Walter for playing into Rinaker's hand. He atones for his actions by accompanying Ruck in the ultimate sacrifice to take out the Shadoen's primary weapon. First appearance: Episode 1 - The Bait (Part 1).

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