Vic Vega (Michael Madsen) had seen time in and out of jail, and by the time he found himself in Joe Cabot's office, he was looking for some real work again. Not the type where you punch a time clock and bust your ass carrying boxes around, mind you, but some real gangsta shit. Big Joe and his boy, Nice Guy Eddie, were more than happy to help out one of their boys, and thought a certain big jewel heist would be perfect for Vic.

Going by the codename "Mr. Blonde," Vic found himself as part of an anonymous gang assembled by Joe to pull off the heist. The plan seemed simple enough until one of the employees pulled the alarm during the robbery. Vic started shooting and didn't stop until he was out safe. This strategy pissed off some of his colorful compadres, namely Mr. White (Harvey Keitel) and Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi), who verbally blasted away at Mr. Blonde as soon as he arrived at the rendezvous point following the heist. Clutching his soda and wearing a pair of dark black sunglasses, Mr. Blonde asked White: "Are you gonna back all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?" Just one of Mr. Blonde's most quotable of quotables.

Eventually, Mr. Blonde would find himself alone with the unluckiest character inReservoir Dogs, a cop he took hostage and stashed in his trunk. Convinced of a rat in the house, White and Pink demanded to know who had tipped off the cops to the heist, and it was Blonde's job to extract the information. Instead, in one of cinema's now-immortal scenes, Mr. Blonde proclaimed that he didn't care what the cop said; he was going to torture him anyway because he found it "amusing." And then he danced around until he was good and ready... and sliced off the cop's right ear. In a way, it's a bloody shame that Blonde would get capped soon thereafter by the aforementioned rat, Mr. Orange (Tim Roth), because we get denied any more of Blonde's deliciously awful torturing and memorable pieces of dialogue. What we did see and hear, though, is the stuff true Mofos are made of.

INTELLIGENCE - 6: He's no mindless thug, but a bit too reckless to be in charge of things.

POWER - 6: He's a fairly big dude who knows how to handle a gun... and a straight razor.

VILENESS - 10: For millions of people, listening to "Stuck in the Middle with You" will never be the same.

SWAY - 7: His low-key approach definitely throws his fellow Dogs, especially White and Pink.

PURITY - 10: He doesn't care what anyone else thinks and takes every opportunity to show that, both physically and verbally.

PHYSICAL - 6: Gotta give him an extra point for the shades.

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