Group: Mini Dragon – Level: Rookie – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Beat Knuckle, Cracking Bite

Monodramon is the Rookie form of Cyberdramon, the partner of RyoThe details of how he and Ryo became partners are not given in the anime, but according to the "Brave Tamer" video game, they met after Ryo was hurled into the past, and awoke, amnesiac, at the dawn of the Digital World. He and Monodramon went on a series of adventures in various universes, leading to a final showdown with Ryo's longstanding nemsis, Millenniummon, in the form of XeedMillenniummon. Millenniummon revealed that he was always to have been Ryo's partner, but with Monodramon as his partner now, that was impossible. Monodramon forced a DNA Digivolution between the two of them, which resulted in a Digi-Egg. The egg hatched into Ketomon, who Digivolved to Hopmon, then to Monodramon, and on to Cyberdramon. Millenniummon's influence is the seeming explanation for Cyberdramon's feral, uncontrollable nature.

When the Tamers were preparing to return to Earth, Ryo and Cyberdramon had to locate Rika and Renamon, who had gone to look for Impmon. When they returned, successfully, Cyberdramon De-Digivolved into Monodramon when he entered the ark, and returned to Earth with everyone else. When Ryo’s father then drove him home the day after their return, Monodramon irritated the angry parent even further by incessantly fiddling with the dashboard controls. Monodramon later Digivolved back into Cyberdramon, and Biomergedwith Ryo into Justimon.

Monodramon first appears in “Homeward Bound.” His voice is supplied by Lex Lang.

Name: From “mono,” meaning one, and “dragon” which “dra” is short for.

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