You do with Mogwai what your society has done with all of nature's gifts!  You do not understand.  You are not ready...  Perhaps someday, you may be ready.  Until then, Mogwai will be waiting." - Mr. Wing  A Mogwai is the first stage of the Gremlin life cycle. The Mogwai were, originally, peace-loving creatures created by the scientist, Mogturmen. The most famous, and well known Mogwai is Gizmo. Contents[show]History and Biography EditMogwai groupThe first batch of mogwais in the film "Gremlins".CoolGizAdded by CoolGizGizmo MogwaiGizmo, the well-known MogwaiElectricMayhemAdded by ElectricMayhemAccording to the novel based on the first film, the mogwai were created on an extraterrestrial planet by a placid scientist named Mogturmen, as the ultimate organism, docile, loveable little powder puffs, intended to promote peace and good will throughout the galaxy as ambassadors for harmony. The mogwai were created to be able to survive in almost every environment and also to reproduce very easily. The mogwai were then sent out to three planets, Klm-6 in the Porasti Range, Clinpf-A of the Beehive Pollux, and the third planet of MinorSun#67672, the earth. Due to several of Mogturmen's miscalculation, though, and only a few Mogwai turned out good and affectionate, most others turned out more malicious and evil. They burned into the legends and folklore of our ancestors, as the pixies and goblins, of fables goneby. MogwaiDaffyDaffy, the insane MogwaiCoolGizAdded by CoolGizThe Mogwais are small, furry, rodent-like creatures, koala-like creatures and somtimes primate-like creatures with big ears and three stubby fingers and toes. Their fur color usually is the color of the mogwai it spawns from. For example, in the first movie, when Gizmo got wet, the Mogwai are brown and white, but there is a chance that they can have other fur colors as well, such as black or even orange. Sometimes they even have certain peculiar features, like small mohawks or different shaped ears. It's usually seen that the leader of the Mogwai is the one with the mohawk. The leader has few more features then the others, for instance, not only do they possess a mohawk for a hairstyle, but they are also the only ones with fangs and are by far the smartest of the group. It was also heard in the commentary of the first film that they could roll into balls, although it's never seen. If watched closely you can see if you push a Mogwai too far it will seek its revenge, for example, Gizmo and Stripe, Earl and Roy, and Gizmo and Mohawk. Mogwai birthHow a newly born mogwai, in this case Stripe, grows in size and unfolds itself.CoolGizAdded by CoolGiz 

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