Sorvereign of Silence Mistress 9
Mistress 9
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Sailor Moon S
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Human
Eye Colors Purple
Hair Colors Black
Alignment Evil
Gender Female
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Sorvereign of Silence
Witch Commander
Affiliations Bureau of Bad Behavior
Dark Universal Empire
Friends Xeno-Dracus (Her Pet)
Powers and abilities Unbrakinetic Superhuman Strength
Weapons Cybernetic Artillery Cannon

Mistress 9 is the Leader of the Bureau of Bad Behavior, and a Witch Commander of the Dark Universal Empire. She was Responsible for wreak havoc the city, and also armed with Cybernetic Cannon to Destroy all infantry. However, She was a Sovereign of Silence.


The First Strike at The Disaster SiteEdit

Mistress 9 Ridden with Xeno-Dracus Strikes the Chernobyl Site, and Wrecking the Buildings, And attacked Sora, And heroic Federation Troopers when trying to investigate pillars. Later, They Retreat to Xenonaira.

Battle of Italy and Becoming a CyborgEdit

Xeno-Dracus and Mistress 9 again arrive on Venice, Italy and Summoned Xenomorph Soldiers, Heartless, and Decepticon Attackers battles the Humanity and Striking again and Becoming the Giant Stampede, Some Buildings Destroyed and Imploded and Nearly killed them. As She Watched, Mon Mothma and her Rebel Troopers arrived, and Suddenly Strikes at her eye, and arm, as She Screamed in Furious Roar. Both She and Xeno-Dracus Flees to Xenonaira and Becoming her as a Cybernetic Machinery.

Creation of Sailor Dark Moon and Wicked LadyEdit

After Their Parts were Lost, The Remaining Cybernetic Foot Soldiers, The Cybermen, and Cylons Repaired her lost Limb and an eye to become an Enhanced Machinery, and The Dark Forms of Sailor Mini moon and Sailor Moon to Become an Unbrakinetic Enforcers. Mistress 9 communicate with her friends to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Galactic Empire and their Evil Nightmare Dream Eaters and Nightmare king, plot to Attack many worlds during the Conquest.

Battle of AustraliaEdit

As Mistress 9 With Xeno-Dracus taunt with humanity as The Nightmare King and his Darkness spread out a whole state, Mistress 9 Confront these Gracious Friends, Marlin, Nemo and Dory, as they Shocked, as the Darkness comes in. Suddenly, Marlin dives on the reef and call the emergency Situation, While Mistress 9 Decline the Emergency.

With The Spirit Dream Eaters and a lot of Heroes arrive on earth and on Australia, Sailor Moon Battles Mistress 9 in her mechanically Modified Weaponsmith, While Xeno-Dracus and Flying Xenomorphs Strikes down Mothra and her Butterfly Forces on top of the Sky. Unbrakinetically, Mistress 9 become even more Powerful to Kill Sailor Moon, But was ended up in Despair and was Defeated, as the Nightmare King Finally Destroyed.

Return to XenonairaEdit

Mistress 9 with Xenon Asuka, Returns to Xenonaira to planning to confirm Negaforce Blocked the Skyline in Coruscant. As She Realized, that the Plan will Prevail and Understand why it will confirm the negaforce around the planet. Mistress 9 met the Dark Guise of the Sailor Starlights to Arrival to Traverse town.

The Last StandEdit

As She and Xeno-Dracus uses the Portal to Earth and Arrived to tokyo. The humans barely survive the Dark Universal invasion, and Xeno-dracus was a huge contribution as being the biggest Flying Xenomorph there was. Mistress 9 was angered when Sora flew into Xeno-Dracus and breaking it and later exploded, making Her shoot his weapon at Sora who didn't notice. Phineas and Ferb, with Avengers and their team came to free Sora out of wires when Mistress 9 shot Sora into becoming tangled in wires. Later on, Mistress 9 was the primary target for NEST Rangers and Rebel Soldiers after several drones were killed by them. Epps, Eddie, Lennox and several men fire upon Mistress 9 successfully injuring her before the Rebel Alliance, The Alliance of Universe, The Sailor Scouts, and Republic of Robots fired upon Mistress 9 knocking out her Cybernetic eye.

As their Reinforcements Ripped another Eye, and Shreded a Leg by Wolverine, Mistress 9 Mortally Injured. With Sora approach the Streets of Tokyo's Last Stand, he killed Mistress 9 furiously announcing "YOU DIE!!" by pulling Cybernetic Laser Cannon out and using the Cannon to shoot at the Unbrakinetic Technology and Universal Darkness.


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