Mister Atom
Mister Atom
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Pre-Crisis Edit

Dr. Charles Langley is the man responsible for creating Mr. Atom. Langley believed he could create artificial life through atomic energy. Langley built a gigantic robot body that he intended to bring to life through a gradual process. However, his calculations were wrong and the robot suddenly came to life through an explosion that not only gave Mr. Atom fantastic powers, but programmed him with great knowledge.

Leaving Langley among the debris of his wrecked laboratory, the atomic robot went forth into the world of men. Seeing how much mightier he was than they, he determined to become Earth's ruler. The people could serve him or perish - it made no difference to him, because he was untinged with human feeling. He would kill without mercy or remorse.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel saved Langley, and the scientist told him of his robot, so he was forewarned when he went to battle a creature at the UN who was demanding the allegiance of the Earth - and who had already killed one delegate with a blast of atomic power. Through two encounters, the pair fought one another to a draw. Then they each struck one last mighty blow - and Captain Marvel won. Mr. Atom was contained in a thick - walled lead underground prison from which he could not escape - yet Cap himself could not destroy him.

Sometime later, beings from a giant comet freed Mr Atom and teamed up with him to subjugate Earth - though they planned to destroy him once it was done. To demonstrate his power, Mr. Atom began destroying a town - but was stopped by Captain Marvel. He and the Comet men headed for the comet by spaceship, only to see it blow up. Mr.Atom insisted the beings help him conquer Earth anyway, and this led to an almighty battle in which it appeared they were all destroyed.

However, Mr Atom had not been killed, but hurled 100 years into the future, to a world where almost everything was run by atomic power. This seemed a perfect world for him to rule. But Captain Marvel, warned by the spirit of Shazam traveled to the year 2053 to foil the robot's plans. This time, Mr Atom was apparently destroyed by a burst of atomic energy.

In fact, when King Kull the Beastman took over the Rock of Eternity, he used his genius to bring Mr Atom from the 21st Century to aid him. A battle with the heroes of three Earths - including the Justice League and Justice Society ended with Atom being propelled to a distant star.

Mr. Mind's machinations returned him to Earth, and this time Captain Marvel sent him into orbit around the sun. But the magic of Oggar again brought him back - this time to join theMonster Society of Evil. Ultimately, Captain Marvel tossed Mr Atom from the Rock of Eternity to another galaxy, one in which life never developed, where he could do no harm.

Post-Crisis Edit

Following the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Mr. Atom's origin is rewritten. Charles Langly created Mr. Atom alongside an assistant named Susan Rodriguez. Mr. Atom's purpose was to destroy nuclear power by rendering the radioactive contents inert. After the Susan leaves the elderly Langly in his decommissioned bunker home, Mr. Atom continues his mission.

After an encounter with Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel while Mr. Atom is attacking theFairfield nuclear power plant, Mr. Atom captures Mary to bring back to Langly to take care of him, as a surrogate for the assistant. Mary finds Langly long dead and briefly fights with Mr. Atom before Susan returns and powers down Mr. Atom with a vocal command. The deactivated Mr. Atom is taken into custody by the Department of Extranormal Operationsfollowing this.

Some time later, Mr. Mind, controlling the DEO leader Sarge Steel, Mr. Atom is activated armed with a nuclear bomb and is launched towards Fairfield. He detonates and manages to destroy Fairfield, killing thousands.

Mr. Atom later joins the Secret Society of Super Villains and is apparently destroyed byKal-L, the Golden Age Superman after a very brief fight. Later, he is one of the villains helping Prometheus plant explosive devices around U.S. cities and eventually attempt to flee once the devices have been planted. The Justice League attack Mister Atom before crossing the border and he is defeated and captured by Starman and Congorilla.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Mr. Atom is super strong and nearly indestructible. He can also fly, and shoot nuclear-powered blasts from his hands. He also has the ability to render radioactive materials inert.

Characteristics Edit

Height: 10'

Weight: Edit

1,214 lbs

Eyes: Edit


Hair: None

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