The Metarex Empire is an evil Race of Robotic Aliens and a Faction Ruled by a Leader, Dark Oak and his Four Leaders. They are Common Enemies and was Responsible for the Destruction of the Nation's Battleships and a Fleet, by Sonic. The Metarex are Truly allied with the Eponymous Dark Universal Empire, The Ultimate Governmental Faction.


  • Metarex Trooper
  • Naga Metarex
  • Metarex Pilot (Similar to Bocoe)
  • Metarex Scout (Similar to Decoe)
  • Metarex Carrier


Although Metarex Does not have vehicles, But the Troopers do have the Ability to Transform into vehicles due to Megatron's Energon activity.


  • Scarship
  • Metarex Battleship
  • Metarex Frigate

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