Grimlord creates a computer virus to infect all computer systems, including Professor Hart. This allows Grimlord impersonate the Professor and send the Troopers into danger, and on decoy missions. Specifically, JB alone fights Metaborg, while Ryan and Kaitlin are on a wild goose chase in virtual reality. Metaborg belongs to General Ivar's Machine Men army. He first assumes the form of a small tank-like robot, and later transforms into a humanoid. Not only is Metaborg himself strong, but he outnumbers JB with the help of Grimlord's Quantum Cruisers. When the rest of the team caught up to JB, they weakened Metaborg with the VR Double Team, and Kaitlin recharged JB, who then destroyed Metaborg with his Laser Lance command. Then, JB used the Battle Cruiser to locate the virtual underwater base causing the virus and then destroyed it, returning the Professor to normal.  "Error in the System"

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