Group: Dark Animal – Level: Ultimate – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Dark Cloud, Black Sabotage

When an Apocalymon attempted to cross over from the Digital World to Earth, he found his way blocked byOmnimon, defender of both worlds. Apocalymon’s data restructured itself, turning him into Mephistomon, and he and Omnimon battled, but one of Omnimon’s blasts hurled Mephistomon back, allowing him to escape to Earth.

Once on Earth, Mephistomon assumed a human identity, Ryuuji Tamashiro, and formed VP Labs, a gaming and electronics manufacturer, which mass-produced the V-Pet designed by Takehito Uehara. Mephistomon had great plans for the V-Pets, programming them to wreak havoc on Earth’s electronics network. The V-Pet craze swept the world, and the little creatures were soon everywhere. However, Mephistomon knew of the existence of a vaccination program which could undo all he had worked for, and so he employed other Digimon agents to seek it out for him, which he remained hidden behind his human guise. His agents captured Minami Uehara, and used her to force her father to reveal the program’s location. Thankfully, TakatoKaiGrowlmon and Seasarmon arrived and freed her, destroying the other Digimon, but as Minami’s father explained the reasons for all this, he revealed that the vaccination program had been within the original V-Pet – within Seasarmon. With this knowledge, Mephistomon shed his human form and stood revealed before them, attacking Seasarmon, De-Digivolving him to Labramon. With the vaccine program in his grasp, nothing could stop his plans, as all across the world, the V-Pets caused the network to erupt in chaos, allowing Digimon to Bio-Emergefreely. Omnimon intervened, teleporting RikaHenry and their Digimon to VP Labs, but Mephistomon countered by transporting them all into an illusionary underwater world he had created, crafted in the image of mankind’s future destruction. There, he battled the Champion Digimon, but lost his hold on Labramon, who leapt from his grip as the Champions brought a cruise ship down on Mephistomon in a blazing fireball. Mephistomon was apparently destroyed, but Labramon had not survived the encounter either, releasing the vaccine program and undoing all the damage caused before he died. Mephistomon was not defeated, however – he emerged from the rubble, having Digivolved into his Mega form of Gulfmon. The Champion Digimon Digivolved to Ultimate, and combined their energies to form the Trinity Burst, which destroyed Gulfmon.

Mephistomon appears in “Battle of Adventurers.” His voice is supplied by Richard Epcar.

Name: From “Mephistopheles,” the name for the Devil in the German legend of Faust. "Mephistopheles" means "he who is not a lover of light."

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