He leads the Nighloks from his ship on the Sanzu River and seeks to cause the river to flood with the tears of humans, using the Nighloks to make them cry, allowing him to enter the world of the living and take it over. He is weaken ar onw point and submerged deeper in the river, letting Serrator take control. He comes back and becomes stronger and rises to the surface. He beats up the Rangers but is weaken and needs to sleep it off.Thanks to Dayu he rises out again and uses part of Dayu's human life energy as a shield against Lauren's sealing symbol. Lauren's sealing symbol failed and Xandred brought the Sanzu River up to the surface and had a large Mooger army attack the city. The Ranger's plan, with Jayden leading them, was to destroy Xandred instead of sealing him. Xandred destroyed the first disc Lauren made of her Symbol Power but couldn't with the second as Jayden used it in Shogun Mode to defeat him. Xandred was destroyed with the power of all the zords and all the Rangers' symbol power.

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