Xeno-Telepathic Walker
Martian Xeno-Telepath
General information
Feature Films
Television Programs
Video games Jeff Wayne's the War of the Worlds
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Production Information
Manufacturer Martian Technological Systems
Class Walker
Technical Specification
Engine Units
Armaments Physicial Abilities
Telepathy Cannons
Crews 1 Martian Pilot
Role Anti-Personnel
Affiliation Martian Empire
The Martian Xeno-Telepath is a Five Legged Fighting Machine, and is used Telepaths of Mind. Its Weapons are used as a Deadly Heat-ray to Blasten out of enemies, and its Physical abilities to targeting its Own Allies.


Xeno-Telepaths are used by Martians during the Wars of London. The Martians are coming to Destroy anything with a Telepathy Heat Ray. it was Used in battle of Planets like Naboo, Earth, and Raxus Prime.

One Variant known as Unversed Xeno-Telepaths, and is Changing from Red to Blue, and its Eyes turned into Angry Expression. Which is Uses as Fear, Devastation, and Despair, This was used by Unversed Military Organization.


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