Martian Warship
Martian Warship
General information
Feature Films The War of the Worlds
Television Programs
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Production Information
Manufacturer Martian Technological Systems
Class Warship
Technical Specification
Engine Units
Armaments 1 Heat Ray
2 Skeleton Beams
Crews 1 Martian Pilot
Passengers 2 Martian Soldiers
Role Warship
Affiliation Alien Society
The Martian Warships were the Machines that has been created by the Martian Empire, in order to Conquer the Planet Earth. They had the ability to neither Hover nor Fly, Whence Doctor Clayton Forrester said that this machine is very dangerous to see them. The Warships indeed, was more notorious and began to disintegrate military individuals and defense bases.


Martian Warships were developed by the martians, It has a Shape of a manta-ray made out of metal that Consisted the Three of the weapons. One Weapon is Swan Neck Heat-ray to Disintegrate the Human Reinforcements, and Second is Skeleton Beams that contains Green Atomic Power to Kill them to Death, The Weaponry was used by the Martians, in order to only cause of action, that is The Conquest and Occupation of Earth.

Martian Warships are Capable to Hover and to Fly up to Buildings and Skycrapers of the Entire City, So the Martian Warships are Given to the Size of the Republic Assault Gunship, then again, Carried up a Huge Martian Carrier Ship, So the Size that will be the Same, But no Swan Neck cannons.

The Martian Elders and the General said that the Warships are Contain the Protective Blister, This Will Protect from the Human Artillery Fire. So the Martian Warships will Participate the Battle in Every Planets, Although Warships does not have a Black Smoke, But the Martian Fighting Machines, Bombardment Machines and Tempests Have the Chemical Weapon.

Many of the Martian Warships are Used by Heartless as Orbitial Destroyers which was created and Refitted by Heartless Pilots, Its Skeleton Beams had replaced by Darkness Blaster, and was perfect for summoning the heartless drones to kill them.

According to General Mann, Jeff Winger, Tuxedo Mask and several individuals, The Martian Warships are beginning to move itself. Since the enemy ships had the Martian Probe to see those that the humans vanished or hiding. The Probe had three eyes: One eye is blue at the upper right, One eye is Green at the upper left, and One eye is red at the bottom. This Probe was used during the Time Travelling War and the V'ger Assault, until Sylvia Van Buren accidentally shoots down one of the probes during the battle.

The Martian Warships will continue to attack on several Wars, just before all being destroyed once and for all, at the end of the Final battle of Tokyo.


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