Martian Collecting Enforcer
Martian Handling Machine
General information
Feature Films
Television Programs
Video games
Musical Versions Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds - The New Generation
Comic Books
Other Versions
Production Information
Manufacturer Martian Technological Systems
Class Walker
Technical Specification
Engine Units
Armaments Light Heat Ray
Crews 1 Martian Pilot
1 Martian Gunner
Role Construction Vehicle
Affiliation Alien Society
The Martian Handling Machines, Simply known as Handling Enforcers, or Handlings by Clone troopers, Rebel Troopers, and Sailor Troopers were the Vehicles that Capturing Humans and draining the flesh Living Blood of Humans and Injecting into their Martian's Veins, Destroying many Buildings and Cities, and Constructing Martian Facilities.


The Martian Handling Machines were Resembling a Spider or a Crab, with Huge Articulated Claws, Their Six Crab-like Legs, and its Metallic Basket on its Back. The Martians are used to Destroy buildings, Creating Martian Fortresses and Capture the mankind, and Armed with Light Heat ray.

Handling Machines given to the Martians and Other Intelligent Beings that it Equipped with Black Smoke Cannon to Spray them out of the area. Although the Human Special Forces attack the Other Two Machines, and the Three Destroyed them in the Incidents of London, The Journalist is Mentioned about the Incident.

Martian Handling Machines Largely Used as Hospitality Equipment to Heal The Martian Armors and Injuries before ready for action to Climb up to the Other Two, Another is Destroyed by the Human Defenses before the Battle of London Awakens. These Handlings have Compared to The Galactic Republic's All Terrain Tactical Enforcers, Which was Held in Battle during the Clone Wars.

The Martian Elders agreed to the Allegiance of Martian Empire, The Handling Machines are Served as Law Enforced Units and have an Anti-Aircraft Heat Ray to Blast them to Nothingness, as the Result of it's Power. The One Handling Machine is the One Draining the Blood of Human Soldiers, Second is Given the Melee attack to Toss the Troops off the Battlefield, and third was Decimated as it Shattered to Smithereens By Anakin Skywalker in the Quest to Retrieve the Mysterious Artifact.

Many Martian Handling Machines to go Fighting against Humans for Days, Variants are Included, One was Refitted the power of Dark Energy by the Heartless. Second was Piloted by an Imperial Officer to Swipe out of the Infantry in Dathomir and is Captured by the Rebel Soldiers with the Help of the Journalist. Third is Still Retained as the Two Claws Replaced by Newer Cannon that Launches the Grenade and Missiles to Vaporize any Soldiers, Leaving Nothing Behind During the Other Two Battles.


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