Martian Walkers
Martian Fighting Machine
General information
Feature Films H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds
War of the Worlds: Goliath
Television Programs
Video games Jeff Wayne's the War of the Worlds (1998 and 1999 games)
Musical Versions Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds - The New Generation
Comic Books
Other Versions
Production Information
Manufacturer Martian Vehicular Yards
Class Walker
Technical Specification
Engine Units
Armaments Heat Rays
Black Smoke
Atomic Death Powers
Crews 1 Martian Pilot
Role Anti-Personnel
Affiliation Martian Empire
The Martian Fighting Machine is a vehicle manufactured by the Martians. They are capable to destroy the Human defenses and battalions over the world, and also used to conquer the planet. The Martian Elder Council had already being realized about the means and methods for the attack.


The Fighting-Machine was first developed by the Martians in order to conquer each Planet and wiped out most of Humans by the power of the Heat-ray. This type of walker is about 100ft tall than the houses as depicted in the novel. They are used in battles on Earth before reaching many battles of the Outer Rim during the Clone Wars. The Artilleryman said that the Fighting Machines were "Picking up men, and smashing the trees, as well as setting fire to burn everything in sight, Just hunks of metal, They knew that exactly they were doing".

Many Fighting-machines are more vulnerable to Human defenses before the war between Clone Troopers and Separatists known as the Clone Wars. It is capable to launch a Black Smoke on five sieges until they were destroyed by Xenon Asuka and Anakin Skywalker. A Variant of a Walker known as a Firefighting Machine, it has red eyes, and dark grey body with Yellow highlights and traces in it. Firefighting Machines can only use as Water sprayer which come out of the two red spotlights to neutralize flames off the damaged base. Another one has a basket in order to capture fleeing humans intact, and placed in a metal basket to drain the blood from victims.

During the Celestial Federation-Dark Universal Wars, the Martian Fighting Machines continue to attack against Human garrison and defenses over space stations, and Planets. Red Weed is still initialized by the Martians, whilst Maximillian Skywalker, Later Archduke Granite, and Xenomorpheus Skywalker created a Lilac-colored tendrils to succumb the land. During the Halloween Warfare, Angelique Bouchard creates a Pumpkin-headed Fighting Machines to destroy everything all over the land after the first assault on Bright Tree Village. In The Battle for Christmas Spirit, Fighting Machines can used as Carbonite Launcher which freezes Human Soldiers to their certain doom, developed by Burgermeister Meisterberger.

A new type of a Fighting Machine which had only had Red eyes, Two heat-rays, Appendages and begin to attack against a Resistance faction, ARES. This Martian Battle Machines can destroy ARES defenses and garrisons, leading to a confrontation against their steampunk Tripod, Goliath. Many Martian Fighting Machines went into the Dark Universal Empire's military defense centers after Archduke Granite's death. All the Machines, such as Xeno-Telepaths, Tempests, Fighting Machines and more will continue in many battles across the galaxy, until they were destroyed by Human defenses.

In the final days of the Celestial Federation-Dark Universal Wars, Fighting-machines will continue for battle against human forces, until leading to the final battle of Tokyo on planet Earth. The Journalist, Doctor Forrester, Ray Ferrier noted that humanity was safe from extinction, as the Martians was destroyed by bacteria, and all of man's weaponry had failed, or able to be annihilated by Soldiers weapon fire.